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When the lab report says that your TSH is "<0.005" that means that they can't measure anything below 0.005, so your TSH could be even less than that. That's why you see the exact same number for TSH again and again, even. Help! I need some advice from those of you in the know. My general doctor who treats me says that current numbers are OK [at TSH 0.05] and keep taking same level of meds. But, I am not so sure and am really worried as I seem. 2013/09/12 · After being treated for symptoms like palpitations, shortness of breath, weakness, etc. I was diagnosed with abnormal TSH levels hyperthyroidism after a thyroid blood test TSH less than 0.05, T3 and T4 perfectly within. Assuming normal pituitary function it implies that the tapezole is not working - that is, it not suppressing thyroid output of hormone. You MUST address this with your doctor and see an endocrinologist as well. I suppose a laboratory. Note: I feel quite well with a TSH of 0.005 although she says I'm "overmedicated". I currently take NP 15mg tabs sublinqually - 9 in the AM & 6 in the late afternoon. What I have trouble understanding is this: The pituitary puts out.

We have case, femal patien, age 60 years, the TSH less than 0.05 while T4 in normal range, and she has not any symptom of thyroidism, is it ok? Could an elevation in one's TSH level be indicative of hyper/hypo thyroidism? Is it. My TSH was at 0.04 and I was having major hyper symptoms with palpitations, very high HR, shortness of breath, fatigue. It helped to lower my dosage and then adding Atenolol for the palps and this brought my HR down. Although. TSH < 0.05. Does anyone know or understand this because its quite low. 11 Posts Add message Report fakeblonde Fri 02-May-08 15:33:24 Ok i shouldn`t have lookes but i checked my blood test results myself and my gp is. Thyroid Disease - I have hyperthyroidism that tsh is less than 0.01 and t3 t4 is normal bt am? Asked 6 Nov 2014 by gogurla shwetha Updated 24 November 2014 Topics hyperthyroidism, weight, thyroid, disease. My TSH is less than 0.35 when I am on an optimal amount and mostly symptom free. And I am not hyper. Once you are on treatment, the feedback loop of the TSH means very little. Many patients on thyroid replacement therapy.

2014/08/03 · TSH at this time was less than 0.005 uIU/ml with a FT4 of 2.4 ng/dl, confirming the state of thyrotoxicosis. Thyroxine was stopped and patient was observed intermittently over a period of 6 months. She remained clinically and.

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